Our Programs


NICU LOVE: In-Unit Support Group 

Love for Lily provides facilitated support groups for parents. We alternate weekly between Moms Group and Family Group. At each group skills are built to support families in thriving during their NICU and beyond; providing a safe space to talk about and process your birth experience, NICU Journey, and all of the many challenges and hurdles that one may experience in the NICU.  Isolation is the most commonly reported emotion for mothers during a NICU stay. Coming together helps to build community and ease the feelings of isolation. Love for Lily facilitators are certified life coaches and bring multiple tools and skills to meet the needs of what is going on that day.  Our 3 main tenants are; learning to breathe, building allies, and emotional literacy.

In Addition to our in-unit meeting NICU Mamas from any hospital looking for a supportive community and collective wisdom can join our Private Facebook Group.




UC Health - Anschutz
Tuesday 10:30- 11:30

Avista Adventist : Centura Health  
Wednesday 10:00- 11:00



Lasting Love: POst-NIcU Moms Group 

Lasting Love is a Mom's Group designed especially for NICU Mom's & their babes for one year after discharge.  Providing; relevant topics and information to NICU mamas; a community of kindness, compassion and shared experience; and safe space for immune suppressed babies. This is an inclusive community, all mamas & NICU babies are welcome: open to breastfeeding, formula feeding & pumping! No matter which hospital you were served in you are welcome.

***please leave siblings & daddies at home***





Centura Health Church Ranch Neighborhood Health Center
7233 Church Ranch Blvd, Westminster, CO 80021, in the Clear Creek Conference Room at the top of the stairs.


During our stay in the NICU, Love for Lily provided me the opportunity to talk about my experiences with others who "got it", and feel supported and not judged.  Since going home, the Love for Lily Lasting Love program has provided me with a community, a "tribe".  I have connected with incredible women who have lived through both the NICU experience as well as the experience of losing a child.  Fortunately for them, mothers who have only experienced "normal" pregnancies and births have a completely different perspective on motherhood, and can't begin to understand how their words and concerns can sometimes cut like a knife to those of us who have experienced trauma and anxiety and pain as we've had to watch our children fight for their lives and felt powerless to help them, and in some cases lose them.  Being able to connect with women who share these experiences has made a huge impact in my life - I finally have women who I can talk and cry openly with about my experiences without fear of being judged or pitied or pushed away.  I can be authentic, honest, and true to myself and my experiences.” 

                                                     -Sean’s Mommy


Essentials Bags

Essentials Bags are given to every family that is expecting a 2 week or longer stay in the NICU.  These bags include simple things like a tooth brush and face wash that make a world of difference after a long night or a few long nights.  There is a journals allow parents to write memories and thoughts and for nursing to help capture precious moments that happen while mom and dad are away.  We include many items that bring comfort and that support the well being of mother and child. 





Providing monthly grants to ease the burden on families with a child or children who spend 4 weeks or more in the NICU served by Love for Lily and have medical insurance. Our grant program strives to ease the burden of medical debt and support families in receiving therapies, services, or modalities after discharge that support the health and well being of their child(ren). The mission of our Grant Program is to provide a helping hand to fill the gap.


"After every Love for Lily mom's group meeting, I felt as though an invisible, unspeakable weight had been lifted and I was ready and more equipped to be the wife and mother I was trying to be."

                                        - Kathleen's Mama


Sew with Love 

It is the little things that can make a big difference in a NICU stay.  Inspired by the loving stitching of Gramma JoAnn, this program comes through the village. Sew with Love creates Lovies, used as scent clothes in those early days to help mamas bond with their baby's and baby's feel comforted when mamas is away.  As children grow this little lovie can be used as a comfort object and provide soothing for even life's hardest moments. 

We additionally always need people to sew nursing/pumping covers, blankets for parents (it is nice to have the option to get snuggly in the chair with baby + the unit can be so cold), and tiny super hero capes that bring joy and a good reminder that these little people are tenacious and capable of great things. 


You can sew at home, host a sewing circle, come in and sew at the LFL Studio or just come by and pick up fabric. We are always looking for people interested in stitching for a cause and are happy to provide the materials. 


Love, Camden & Friends 

Love, Camden & Friends was created by a group of moms whose lives were forever changed by the loss of a baby. It's hard to know where or who you can turn to with the magnitude of grief and emotions that come with the loss of baby, with the birth of another, with the experience of leaving the hospital with one baby in your arms where there used to be two.  Love, Camden & Friends cannot take away the agony of losing a baby although we wish we could. Our goal is to help ease, in some small way, what each of these families are experiencing. The journey towards healing is a long and arduous road full of questions, doubt, anger and sadness. It takes courage and bravery to walk down this path, and you don’t have to do it alone. We are mamas who have walked the winding path, we know all too well the pain of a baby’s death.  There are so many who have come before us and there will be mamas to come after. We believe that healing begins with a community and that no family should walk alone. We offer all we can: support, love, and guidance.


Providing resources to help families as they navigate their loss. Immediate support includes information on how to tell your family, how to plan a memorial and stories of those who have come before.  Together with JellyCats we will also gift each family with a weighted stuffy, weighted at their babies birth weight providing a tiny comfort for empty arms. For families with living siblings a matching lovey is gifted offering connection and comfort for even the smallest members of the family.   


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