A Baby Shower to Remember


8 women from 4 different states with 9 babies between them and more acronyms than I can begin to write for the conditions they were facing with their littles and more than 8 weeks under their belts of NICU time.  This was no ordinary baby shower.  This was a baby shower born out of the grief of being apart from family and friends, born out of the longing for something normal, born out of the sisterhood that now bonded these 8 incredible mamas together.  

Love for Lily was honored to host this night of joy & celebration, 9 babies were on their way to going home (although it would still be a little while until they all said peace out NICU).  The brainchild of one fiercely loving mama & the gifts from so many donors this baby shower rocked their world.  

When you have a premature baby, you, in turn, are a premature parent. There are milestones missed and celebrations skipped and in that there is grief.  Taking a moment to live in the joy, to celebrate how far these incredible babies had come, how far these incredible mamas had and that the light at the end of the tunnel was approaching.  

We are honored to be a little part of this journey and are wishing you all the joys and beauty a life can hold. 

Sahra Cahoon