Supporting Families In The Neonatal Intensive Care Units

Our Mission:

Empower. Support. Connect. 

Giving families the support they need to ease their journey through the Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) and thrive in unit and at home. 


Our Mission

To support families in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit {NICU} to thrive during their stay and at home. Love for Lily does this through facilitated support groups; teaching coping skills and providing community. Essentials Bags; items that can provide a little comfort and ease the burden of life in the NICU. Grants for insured families who spend 4 weeks or more in the NICU to help obtain therapies that support the well being of their child(ren). Lasting Love, Post-NICU Group for moms to come together for one year after discharge. 

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Our Impact


"The Love for Lily NICU Group changed my NICU experience. I had horrible postpartum depression and the doctor's were very concerned when I was discharge from the hospital without my girls. I was feeling very lost and scared, but Love for Lily's persistence and loving support really helped me make time to join the group. The structured support truly helped me open up and work through what was happening. Love for Lily, helped me to process all of the feelings that only NICU mom’s have, especially the guilt. It was hard to wake up and face the struggle. I believe the safe space of the group and hearing the other mom’s facing the same issues made it easier for me to admit and process my feelings. I made very close friends through the group that I will stay in contact with forever. I was able to go home as a whole person again and was able to be there for my girls when they needed me most." - A & C's Mama, 2018


"I love the Mom's Group because I am able to relate to other women who are going through similar situations as me – such as having a premature baby, having other children at home, relationship challenges, hardships, gains, and learning how to deal with the emotional, physical and spiritual perspective of what is happening. It's important to have this group because it allows for the opportunity to heal and prepare for the future, to give us the opportunity to keep moving forward even when it gets tough."

- Catalyia’s Mama



Through our multiple programs In-Unit & Post-NICU we are able to directly support more than 1000 families per year!




Coming together, building community, learning coping skills and easing the feelings of isolation, our facilitated support groups are the pinnacle of our programing.  




Totaling more than $30,000 and supporting families to receive services that support the wellbeing of their child(ren). Our Grant Program provides grants between $500- $2000 to qualified families .


Our Programs



Love for Lily provides facilitated support groups for parents.  We alternate weekly between Moms Group and Family Group.  We teach coping skills and help families build community within their unit.  Many of our program tenants are based on the teaching of the Hendricks Institute.  Love for Lily facilitators are certified life coaches and focus on 3 main teachings: building allies, emotional literacy and breathing. 


Essentials bags include simple things like a tooth brush and face wash that make a world of difference after a long night or a few long nights.  There is a journals allow parents to write memories and thoughts and for nursing to help capture precious moments that happen while mom and dad are away.  We include many items that bring comfort and that support the well being of the family.

Lasting love: POst NICU Support Group

Lasting Love Mom’s Group for Mamas & babies for 1 year after discharge from the NICU (or until babies are walking) Our group provides, relevant topics and information to NICU mamas, a community of kindness, compassion and shared experience, and a safe space for immune suppressed babies. All mamas & NICU babies are welcome: No matter which hospital you were served in you are welcome.


Providing grants to ease the burden on families with a child or children who spend 4 weeks or more in the NICU and have medical insurance. Our grant program strives to provide support to families in receiving ongoing medical care, therapies and modalitlies which support the well being of the child(ren). The mission of our Grant Program is to provide a helping hand to fill the gap. 

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…the most important thing that LFL provided me was a sense of community and hope... I didn't have to appear strong and in control because these other moms around me were also experience sadness and uncertainty and we were forever bonded.”

Finn's Mama, 2017



Get Involved

We want you! Join a committee, volunteer to bring breakfast, host an essentials bag making event, donate to support the vital work we are doing.  There are so many ways to get involved - if you have a skill or passion you want to share please reach out and let's partner together to serve. 


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Join our team of volunteers! Work from home or come in and work with the team.  We have many different ways to get involved.

Corporate Giving day 

Does your office host volunteer days? Would you like to teach your team about the robust volunteer culture in the Metro Area?  We have many ways to get the whole team involved! 

Make a Donation

We are 100% donor funded and are incredibly grateful for every dollar that is contributed to Love for Lily.  You can make a one time donation, sponsor our organization or an event, or set up a reoccurring payment.